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My name is Vincent Leddy PT and this website is created just for you. You will find all the information you are looking for as you are transitioning into adulthood with cerebral palsy (CP).  


You might think what can an abled-body therapist tell me about growing older with CP? To be honest not much, that is why this site was developed for adults and adolescents with CP to exchange valuable information.


You grow up with cerebral palsy (CP) and one day you turn around and your childhood is behind you. Now what? How do you transition from being a child with CP to an adult with CP? This website will answer some of the questions you might have. The main resource of information comes from the adult mentors with CP.

Research shows that most young adults with CP need some help with the transition to adulthood. An important part of your support system is your parents, your pediatrician and your therapist. Use your support team and join us to share what you are struggling with AND what you are successful with. will share resources related to the transition to adulthood in Northern California. Find links to resources in Northern California related to the things you will need to be independent. There is also some information about ways to stay healthy with CP.


Our mentors and senior contributors are a diverse group of adults with CP who have made the transition to adulthood with CP successfully and are offering to be your mentor or peer guide. You can read their stories and connect with them through the forum


At the bottom of each page is a pink chat box. Use this if you need help getting around this site or if you have any question about the Peer 2 Peer project.


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