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Go find a Therapist!

July 17, 2017

To find the right match for you depends on a lot of factors. The first question is what insurance do you have? Not all providers accept the same insurance plans. The second issue is where do you live and how do you get to your therapist? So start thinking about your local resources. Ask around in the forum  where the adult mentors have been going to therapy? You can also call around and ask the therapist if they have worked with young adults with CP before.


Researchers have looked at therapy in adulthood and physical activity with CP and the general consensus is that regular checkups with a team of experts from occupational and physical therapy. Regional medical centers could have an adult outpatient clinic setup with therapy services.


In San Francisco, there is a large city owned rehabilitation center, Laguna Honda, with many experts in the areas of PT and OT for adults with developmental conditions including CP. Laguna Honda has not opened the outpatient department yet. UCSF has an outpatient faculty practice  with a lot of experienced physical therapists working at Mission Bay with experience with CP and there are a few adult Physical Therapists seeing outpatients.


Some excellent outpatient therapists are accepting new adults with CP One of my personal favorite is Jill at Purple Iris She is both an adult PT and Pediatric PT with an acupuncture practice. You will find Jill and Purple Iris on Church street.


Please help us and share who you trust in the forum. That is how this peer based site will work. You share what works for you.

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