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Center for Independent Living San Franscisco

June 28, 2017

The center for independent living in San Francisco is run by a group of professionals and volunteers, and almost all of them have disabilities themselves. They are passionate about supporting and empowering other people with disabilities to lead meaningful, independent lives and to actively participate in their communities. They are not a training center. They work collaboratively with individuals to help them determine what services and programs are right for them and provide information and referrals related to assistive technology, housing, employment, and eligibility for benefits, as well as free peer counseling. Above all, they are a disability rights advocacy organization, and they actively encourage you to join  their efforts to advocate for the rights of all people with disabilities. Whether you are a person with a disability, a family member or loved one of a person with a disability, or a professional working with someone who has a disability, they hope that you will take the time to explore their site!

Center for independent living Berkeley

June 30, 2017

The Center for Independent Living, Inc. (TheCIL) emerged from the independent living movement of the 1960s as a powerful social catalyst on the University of California at Berkeley campus. There, Ed Roberts, Hale Zukas, and Jan McEwan Brown joined forces to lead a movement that made the full academic and social life of the college accessible to all. In 1972, these students joined community members to incorporate as the Center for Independent Living, Inc.


TheCIL’s peer-based services were so successful that today TheCIL is the model for roughly 400 independent living centers nationwide and similar programs in 20 countries. 


This information is taken directly from the CIL Berkeley website and much more is available online. The website is amazing and helps you in all kinds of ways. There are videos, sports activities for you to explore and participate in using a wheelchair or a walker. 

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