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I am 29-years old, living where I grew up, in San Francisco. I have Cerebral Palsy. I live with three housemates in my father's home. In college I studied Anthropology, with a focus on Central American studies. One of my first jobs after college was as a research assistant, interviewing Latino day laborers to understand their risk of contracting HIV. What we learned is that Latino immigrant workers deal with many other important issues that deeply impact their lives, but HIV isn't one of their primary concerns. Now, I work full time at a worker's collective of day laborers and domestic workers, which unites, organizes, and advocates for this group of immigrant workers from Mexico and Central America.


CP has been challenging, and on some level it will always be. Lately, my body feels like it is aging faster as compared to the people around me. In the last couple of years I have gotten better at taking breaks more regularly, more often, and I've discovered a few more tricks to get me off my feet, and do more household tasks sitting down. My daily routine includes going to the gym before work to ride a stationary bike, which gives me energy throughout the day. It also seems to have increased my endurance.


My hope for this website is that adults and adolescents support each other and learn more about what keeps us healthy. Yoga, with personal assistance, has been one of the activities that really worked well for me. Swimming is another activity that kept me in shape while I was in college. I am looking forward to meeting others with CP through I'm inspired by both our challenges and our victories, and I'm here to share the lessons I am learning


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