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My name is Samnang and I'm a 35-year-old man, originally from Cambodia. My adopted family brought me to San Francisco, from Cambodia, when I was 13 years old.  My form of cerebral palsy is hemiplegia. The right side of my body is weak. After completing college with a degree in broadcast engineering I started looking for a job. My dream is to one day become a professional editor for television or film. My current job is in property management in San Francisco. My job is to provide security and customer service in an apartment building.



Vocational Rehab in Oakland helped me get prepared for my current job. They send me to a job training after college. Volunteering at a senior community helped me gain experience. Another job I have done is interpretation Cambodian. I live with me wife and daughter in San Francisco. My hobbies include making videos, photography, and DJ'ing.



 I am married and have a daughter. My daughter is three years old and she loves going for walks in our neighborhood. I do have to remind her that I can not walk around the block more than once We take my electric scooter if my daughter wants to go for a long walk. My wife is also from Cambodia. We met in her village when I spend some time teaching English as a volunteer. She a great cook and she loves living in San Francisco. 



I hope that I can be a mentor to another your person with cerebral palsy and show them what is possible if you try. My motto is never to give up!


Thanks! Message sent.

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