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Transition to adulthood

We are finally LIVE!

July 1st is our first day of a peer2peer transition project created for young adults living in Northern California San Francisco Bay Area. This site will continue to grow in size and strength.

The main purpose of this website is to connect youth with Cerebral Palsy (CP) with the resources they will need to grow into independent adults. Your independence will be supported by all of us at CP

Our model is a peer2peer model. What does that mean? We want to connect young adults (ages 14-21) to adults with CP who have been successful in making the jump to adulthood. These adults are going to receive special training in becoming a mentor to the young adults.

This website will also have updates on the best ways to stay healthy and fit throughout your adult life with CP to avoid loosing what you worked so hard on in your childhood. So keep coming back for tips, advice, help and more.

Welcome to "Now What?!" the peer2peer" transition project.

Vincent Leddy Physical Therapist

Founder of "Now What?!"

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