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Life in Transition

The period between being young and fearless and adulthood is an interesting place to be. You are thinking about all the goals you have for your life. Going to college, getting a job, living by yourself. Where do you start? Why not right here at CP The peer mentors on this site have done it all before you and can help you tackle those difficult steps.

Post a question on the Forum or use the live chat function when it is turned on. We are all here to support you and help you make the steps forward you need to take to get ready. The hardest step is the first step of every journey. We hope you will walk with your peers and find a supportive community online.

Send us a message if you want to be connected to one of the amazing mentors on this website. We can pair you with the right person. We prefer to match you to someone with a similar background to give you the best support. Give it a try and leave a message for any of us in the forum.

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