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"Spread Your Wings and Fly"

We need to create an image to represent us online. So what represents transition to adulthood? There are so many symbolic answers to that question. So my solution is to send it out to you, the community of young adults who are in transition to adulthood and you, who are on the other side. 

The butterfly is that symbol for me, representing transition. Starting in a state of crawling around the world (we all did), and transforming into a colorful being, unique in every way. Free in your own way using your talker, your power chair (AKA tank), your braces, your walker, or crutches. You go places by yourself and explore. Social butterfly or shy caterpillar.

Send me images you feel represent our website of transformation from one form to a completely new form. We have much talent among us with painters, photographers, graphic designers, videographers and poets. Create our logo and be rewarded with bragging rights!

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