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Thanh Diep is a 40-year-old artist with CP. She graduated from San Francisco State University with a Bachelors in Liberal Studies. Her passion is art and she has been attending the art collective Creativity Explored (CE) for the past sixteen years. She draws and paints with a variety of materials. She has also made a number of very poetic videos with her collaborators at CE.

Thanh has been a mentor for many young adults with AAC devices (or talkers).


She uses a talker to communicate. It takes her some time to say what she needs to say but she can express herself very well.


Thanh lives with her father in a small apartment in San Francisco and she uses Paratransit to get out in the community using her power wheelchair. 


What makes life so full is the connections we all make day by day. Say hi to someone in a power wheelchair and smile at them. It does make a world of difference.



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